Geological Hazards Summer Course - University of the Azores

Para Doctorandos, Graduados, Posgraduados, Personal asociado a la universidad, profesores, estudiantes
  • Fecha de inscripción: Del 2 abril 2019 al 15 mayo 2019 Azores (GMT+00:00)
  • Número de becas ofrecidas: 25 becas
  • De Duración: 3 weeks; 42 Hours
  • Documentos asociados a la beca:
Información General

Geological Hazards Summer Course includes 21 hours of indoor classes and 21 hours field work on the Island of S. Miguel - Azores.  

The University of the Azores is well known for its Research Institute on Volcanology and Risk Assessment. 

You may visit its web page:

Faculty are higly regarded on the field of geology and volcanology.


This course will provide you 6 ECTS credits.


For more information, including course syllabus, visit - Summer Courses. At this website you may also find out how to enroll in a Portuguese Foreign Language Course. You will be able to atend both courses as long as you arrive at the University by June 3. PLF classes will run in the morning and Geological Hazards in the afternoon.

Contact info:



Contact Person: Maria João Mocho 

Telf: +351 296 650 189


Información Adicional

Tuition, insurance and application fee. 

Food, accommodation or travel expenses are not included. You may apply for accommodation at the university student residence through . Choose “Accommodation - Application for accommodation”.

¿Qué incluye la beca?

To attend this course you are required to:

1. apply through Santander Scholarships platform

2. be over 17 years old

3. have a good English language proficiency (level B2)


You must submit the application form through the Santander Scholarship platform. Candidates will be accepted based on the compliance with prerequisites. Accepted candidates must also apply at - choose “Continuous Training" and fill in the form on “Application Summer Courses” to get enrolled at the University of the Azores.


Documentos asociados a la beca